Young Bethlehem

Sunday Morning

Sunday School:  Bethlehem’s facilities include two education areas with ten classrooms. Children from preschool through 4th grade meet in the Lounge for Sunday School opening at 9:45, then go to their classrooms. 5th to 8th graders go to their Confirmation classrooms at 9:45, and high school students meet in the Youth Cafe.

Enrichment is a Sunday morning learning opportunity for children from 3-5 years of age. After the Children’s Sermon, parents can escort their children to the Enrichment room on the first floor. The children will learn an age-appropriate lesson based on the day’s readings. This lasts about 20 minutes, after which they return to the Sanctuary to continue worship.

Youth Activities

Activities for 5th-12th graders are planned by our Parish Deaconess. Typical activities throughout the school year include service projects, lock-ins, game nights, outings, etc.  Each summer we take a trip out of state for service work and other opportunities.

Young musicians are encouraged to share their gifts during worship throughout the year.

We also cooperate with the Indiana Youth Coalition in planning joint events, such as a middle school retreat in the fall and a synod-wide high school gathering in the spring.


 Advent and Christmas

A Children’s Christmas Chapel and other activities aim to instill in the children an appreciation for the true meaning of Christmas. Ensembles of our musically inclined youth regularly perform together at this Christmas Eve event.