We Invite

To Attend

We welcome you to join us for worship services, take communion with us, and join in congregational events. We are happy if you are nourished and encouraged by the Word and Sacrament we share. You should not feel pressured to become a member just because you like it here. In a maroon folder in the pews you should find a booklet about Bethlehem and a card on which you can give us your contact information.  Please fill this out and hand it to one of us or place it in the offering plate.

Name Badges

If you are going to be among us with any regularity, we hope you will wear one of our “stylish” laminated name badges with our red doors icon so we can begin to associate your name with your face — just one step toward strengthening our fellowship in Christ.

To Join

Members of Lutheran congregations are welcome to transfer their membership to Bethlehem. They are not expected to attend new member classes, although they are welcome to do so. People who do not have a Lutheran background are expected to learn about who we are by taking new member classes, offered twice a year.

Membership means taking a more active part in our life by supporting Bethlehem’s ministries and becoming part of the inviting community.